Semen Collection

Collection, evaluation and freezing of semen is available.

Licensed Collection                                                                                                                           At ETSSA we have a licensed, AQIS audited export semen collection facility, we are able to export to many countries around the world.  All the health testing is done and it is helpful to research the countries you would like to export to prior to the bulls entry to the centre.

Unlicensed on Farm Semen Collection                                                                                BULLS, RAMS, BUCKS, STAGS

BULLS – Ideally a mating 1-2 weeks prior to collection removes any stale sperm.  Bulls should be pestivirus free.  An ear notch can be taken at the time of collection.  Collection is usually by electro-ejaculation.  A solid crush is needed to restrain the bull.

RAMS – It is preferable to train the ram beforehand by using a ewe restrained in a serving crate.  I can supply oestrogens so the ewe simulates heat, alternately electro-ejaculation can be used.  If the semen will be sold then an ovine brucellosis blood test is required at the time of collection.

BUCKS – Bucks are generally accustomed to human contact and semen can be readily obtained using a doe in a serving crate.

STAGS – Are always anaesthetised and semen collected by electro-ejaculation.